Tarot Cards and Psychic Readings

I'm available by appointment  for tarot and psychic readings. Call or send me a message to schedule an appointment and take a look at what's in your tarot reading.

Rootwork and Hoodoo

I offer rootwork upon request to help your current situation get back on track. Call or message me to discuss your rootwork needs. I also offer free spells and hoodoo advice in readings.

Shop Hoodoo Supplies

I offer hoodoo oils and fixed candles for sale. I make all products that I sell and can even  make one for your situation specifically.

Contact Me

Send me a message

I urge you to use the email or contact form before calling to make an appointment or for a general question as I may not answer calls if it is off hours or I am in a reading.

Email: MissElle@WorkingWithSpirits.com

Working With Spirits