About Me

Miss Elle Psychic and Tarot Reader

The Reader and Worker

I come from a long line of mediums, psychics, healers, and spiritual workers. I have a legacy of family accessing different forms of magic. In every generation of my family there has always been one born with the gift of healing, one with the gift of talking to the dead, one with the gift of knowing, and one that can simply make things happen. I'm lucky to have grown up around these psychics and mediums and gained the understanding and knowledge passed down through them. I use these gifts to gain insight into your situation and create works to help you achieve what you desire.

I have been a reader for nearly 20 years. I began when I was a teenager and mainly read cards for fun. As a young adult I began to give psychic and tarot readings in local pagan shops on specific days and gained enough of a client base in order to then do readings from my home and by phone. As of the past 2 years, I decided to dedicate myself to readings and rootwork solely.