Psychic Readings and Rootwork

Hoodoo and Custom Rootwork Services

Custom Services

Please schedule a 30 minute reading to inquire about custom rootwork services. Notice: No work has guaranteed results. I will not do work on a whim and will not take on works that I don't feel have a good chance of success. I can look into your situation with cards and decide how best to help you and what work may be beneficial for you.

If we currently have work going and you'd like to ask a question or discuss results, please send an email or text to me and allow me time to get back to you.

Below this section is where you can pay for limited rootwork services without a reading.

Single Works



This work is for a 7 day glass encased Uncrossing Candle. This is meant to take off negative energies that have accumulated on you, or for having been worked by someone with bad intentions.

Curse Breaker


This work is for a 7 day glass encased Curse Breaker Candle. This is meant to take off works that have been put on you by other workers that are meant to harm you or hurt your situation.

Witch Protection


This work is for a 7 day glass encased Witch Protection Candle. This is meant to give you protection from those that are constantly working against you with intent to harm you or hurt your situation



This work is for a 7 day glass encased Protection Candle. This is meant to add protection around you that help keep you safe from negative energies from others.

Money Drawing


This work is for a 7 day glass encased Money Drawing Candle. This is meant to draw money making opportunities to you if you are in need of a promotion, or in need of extra work. Please understand that this will help if you already have a way of making money but need to make more.


Single Candle Service

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This is to pay for any of the works below. These are single works, meaning they will not come with any other work that may be beneficial to you and are set with other works of the same intention on a community altar. These are works I will do without a reading, but please be sure to read the description of each work below. After paying for the work, please send me pictures of whomever I will be working on as well as their full name to .


This option includes one picture of the work when it begins that week as well as a short notice of when the work is done. If you'd like to know how the work is affecting your situation, please schedule a reading one week after the service has been completed. If you would like to talk about your situation, you may pay for a reading to discuss things going on in greater detail. I will not answer phone calls or text messages about single works except when a follow up reading is scheduled.

Do not select this option if you do not have a picture!