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May-June 2024

Group Spells

Below is a list of the upcoming group spells for the next few months. Click on the button under any of the spell to pay for a spot. Each group will only have 8 spots open so it is a first come first serve. After you sign up you will receive a number via email that you can use to identify your candle in the photos that are uploaded the week after the spell is completed. Notes will be in the photos so you can see how your work did.

A new window will open up when you click pay for a spot to make payment. You may send any details about who it’s for and your intention (if applicable) to my email

June 4th 2024 $45

-Mercury in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius, Mercury in Gemini conduct Jupiter in Gemini, Sun in Gemini conjunct Venus in Gemini-

All of this Gemini energy in powerful positions and favorable aspects gives the perfect energy for any serious talks that need to be had. Mercury is teaming up with some heavy planets to create positive thoughts and ideas that come from outside of the box. With Venus also being in Gemini this will make dealings with others easier while they’re more agreeable and open minded.

June21st 2024 $45

-Full Moon In Capricorn-

Full moons are a great time to release things, and we’re going to do a cleansing on ourselves to remove old energies that no longer service us. Capricorn is a sign that stands on business, and we’re going to get rid of all that we need to leave behind.