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Jan-March 2024

Group Spells

Below is a list of the upcoming group spells for the next few months. Click on the button under any of the spell to pay for a spot. Each group will only have 8 spots open so it is a first come first serve. After you sign up you will receive a number via email that you can use to identify your candle in the photos that are uploaded the week after the spell is completed. Notes will be in the photos so you can see how your work did.

A new window will open up when you click pay for a spot to make payment. You may send any details about who it’s for and your intention (if applicable) to my email

Feb 6th 2024 $45

Pallas enters Sagittarius. This asteroid is known for bringing in wisdom and will be here for the next few weeks giving us some wider knowledge of things on a more deeper level than normal. This work will help to expand your mind and bring in wisdom and clarity to you. Focus on a specific situation or yourself in general, letting the universe bring insight and a new point of view to you.

Feb 14th 2024 $45

We will be setting prayers for Saint Valentine today to hear our hearts wishes and intercede for us in matters of love and commitment. Saint Valentine is the patron saint for lovers and relationships. He can help you to find a new partner or help within a relationship you already have.